Cooking a vegan thanksgiving dinner by myself in 2.5 hours ????????????

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mac & cheese inspo:
i added more milk until I got the consistency I wanted & also added panko + butter on top. I used Good Planet cheeses which melted rly well in there!

green bean casserole inspo:
i always use about half an onion instead of a shallot & more mushrooms because I love mushrooms. I mostly eyeball everything to get it how I want but use this recipe as inspo.

stuffing mix: Oroweat cubed stuffing mix
I added field roast apple sausages, green apple, onion, & celery & I ended up only using about 2/3 the bag of mix because I couldn’t fit it in my pan.

mashed potatoes: Edward & Sons mashed potatoes (The Idahoan brand has some instant potatoes that are vegan-friendly which may be easier to find)
there are others that are more cost efficient but this is just what I had! instant Mashed potato boxes usually say X amount of servings but it ends up being half that I feel like so just keep that in mind.

You’re basically making a thick, rich broth using bouillon, flour, oil, & water. I would recommend bouillon over actual chick’n/veggie broth because you can make it more concentrated. I always just keep adding ingredients until I get the consistency & flavor I want. Shaking some flour + water together in a jar with lid helps a lot to keep from getting lumpy.
It doesn’t need much seasoning but I recommend a healthy amount of black pepper.

Sweet potatoes:
Wash, scrub, & poke your sweet potatoes with a fork several times & then place them in the oven while it begins preheating to 420 F. Then set a timer for 40-45 min. depending on how much you want them baked & how big they are. Turn the oven off after the time is up & just leave them in there for another half hour or so.
Then I added vegan butter, brown sugar, pumpkin pie spices & lots of cinnamon, walnuts, & a pinch of salt. Reheat if necessary and then add your marshmallows to broil for a couple minutes (and keep a careful watch!)

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